December 15, 2019

Why are Staples, Zillow, and More Advertising on a Sugar Dating Website?

Staples, Zillow, and Xfinity, have placed ads on SeekingArrangement (and therefore helped fund its sexually exploitive message).


Research has found that “the majority of sugar dating and other similar sex for money ‘mutually beneficial arrangements’ are illegal, as they are forms of prostitution, and state prostitution statutes should reflect this reality, regardless of the wealth of the parties involved.”

Many individuals involved in sugar dating do not consider it prostitution because the exchanges involve socializing and conversation. However, the entire premise of SeekingArrangement is based on a power imbalance that caters to the man’s choice about the tone of the relationship, and so many young women are vulnerable to exchanges contingent on sexual access, which by definition amounts to prostitution.

It’s easy for these companies to exclude the SeekingArrangement website from future advertisements.

Industry advertising experts acknowledge that “There may be times when you don’t want your ads to appear on certain websites or websites that address certain topics. These are known as display targeting exclusions, which allow you to exclude your display ads from certain keywords, topics, placements and demographics. These act in a similar manner to negative keywords, in that you are defining which content not to target.”

Ask Staples, Zillow, and Xfinity to take exclude SeekingArrangement from future ads by filling out the below form and emailing these companies!

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