November 6, 2017

WUSA 9: Does your generation determine how you perceive sexual harassment?

Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. Directors James Toback and Brett Ratner. Oscar-winners Kevin Spacey and Dustin Hoffman.  Actor Jeremy Piven. Comedian Andy Dick. These are the boldfaced names in the headlines lately over accusations of sexual harassment and abuse, even rape.

American women, especially, are paying attention. But they’re interpreting the news in significantly different ways based on their age and generational cohort, experts say.

Haley Halverson, 25, who heads up advocacy and outreach for NCOSE, says there are signs that many millennial women are more vocal, especially with the help of social media, but there are also signs that many are “anesthetized.”

“The millennial generation, my generation, is more inundated than any other generation in history with hyper-sexualized images and gratuitous portrayals of sexual violence against women in pornography, the media, and mainstream entertainment,” Halverson says, adding that entertainment production studios should be held “accountable for what they teach.”

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