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NCOSE Racism is everywhere in sexual exploitation and inherent in systems of exploitation such as pornography, prostitution, and human trafficking.
Dani Pinter, Esq. Due to a lack of FOSTA-SESTA enforcement, The Erotic Review (TER) has re-established its services for users in the United States
Meeghan Sheppard These books are dangerous because 1) they can easily land in children's libraries by accident and 2) they can be used to groom children for sexual abuse.
NCOSE The International Centre on Sexual Exploitation's Haley McNamara — along with allies — won a Cambridge Union Society debate about the harms of pornography.
Aubrey Pound Victims of prostitution deserve compassionate care and those who drive demand for sexual exploitation, like commercial sex buyers, deserve to face justice.
Alvin Winford The breakthrough made by the Internet in fostering education and development in Africa is astounding. It hasn't come without sexual exploitation, however.
NCOSE U.S.-based bishops for the Catholic Church have sent a letter to the U.S. AG and DOJ which calls on them to resume obscenity law enforcement.
NCOSE The joint letter calls on payment processors to end any association with the sexual abuse and exploitation that are endemic to the pornography industry
Haley McNamara (Halverson) Sexual exploitation knows no borders or geographic boundaries, especially in our digital age, and our solutioning must also be international in scope.
Benjamin W. Bull, Esq. The owners of Backpage are attempting to keep millions in ill-gotten profits using a ill-conceived and defenseless twisting of the First Amendment.
Christen Price, Esq. You can’t slap the feminist label onto a misogynist practice and magically change the nature of that practice. Pornography cannot be feminist.