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Ben Miller We’re so busy that there’s three major victories we almost missed! Each of these is a great step in the direction of ending sexual exploitation.
Lisa L. Thompson William Barr, the Attorney General Nominee, was asked several questions about sex trafficking during the Senate Confirmation Hearing. Two stood out.
Ben Miller A United States Navy submarine commander was demoted last summer after he admitted to hiring prostituted women while stationed in the Philippines. 
Dawn Hawkins Massage Envy lacks transparency and accountability to the public about just how dangerous their spas are for women due to sexual assault.
Dawn Hawkins Contact Senate Judiciary Committee members regarding the confirmation of William Barr as U.S. Attorney General and vet him on opposing sexual exploitation.
Ben Miller It was recently discovered that WhatsApp users were creating messaging groups to share child pornography. Meanwhile, the company lacks content moderators.
Ben Miller Pornography affects more than just our brain. When we watch pornography, it changes who we are as a person, altering our emotions and personality.
Sequoia Leines The silencing nature of this particular form of gender-based violence makes it difficult to see the price being paid by society’s most vulnerable people.
Dawn Hawkins You are a part of a movement larger than any one individual. A movement which is successfully fighting exploitation with the light of human dignity.
Dawn Hawkins You helped make 2018 the strongest year for our organization and our movement. Read our impact report to learn more about the victories we accomplished.
Patrick A. Trueman, Esq. Each victory as comes with new challenges. Now, we face two challenges that are bigger than any other, and we need your help.