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NCOSE For 2020, the Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Global Summit will be held online and you can be a part for free. Join the movement to end exploitation!
Aubrey Pound Teen Vogue used Snapchat to encourage teens to sext (a.k.a. create child sexual abuse material of themselves) and it was promoted on Snapchat Discover.
Sommer Porter People would be remiss to accept Pornhub’s degrading offer, especially given how Pornhub propagates and profits from sexual exploitation on a daily basis.
Lisa L. Thompson The COVID-19 pandemic creates new “opportunities” for sexual exploiters as well as increased peril for the vulnerable and those already experiencing sexual exploitation.
NCOSE A list of five of the top Internet filtering services currently available to individuals and families who want to stay porn-free online.
NCOSE Here are five things parents can do to help keep their children safe from online sexual exploitation during extended periods of isolation.
Jake Roberson Orlando Bloom: “Porn is super disruptive to your sex life, to your libido. They’ve done the studies, they can’t find any kids who don’t watch it…"
Thaddeus Tague It is important that the movement to end sexual exploitation exposes and subverts the pornography industry's attempts at normalization via marketing.
Jake Roberson The EARN IT Act aims to ensure that technology companies are using best business practices to prevent child sexual exploitation online.
Jake Roberson The National Center's staff educated the U.S. Domestic Policy Council on the importance of demand reduction in the fight against sexual exploitation.
Jake Roberson The public and global outcry that is the #Traffickinghub campaign is an important step toward holding Pornhub/MindGeek accountable.
NCOSE "She didn't search it, I didn't search it, but it came up, automatically came up, and automatically started playing with a full pornographic video."