March 22, 2018

First Waver: Barbara Hattemer

Barbara Hattemer first waver explanation

One woman was able to stop a major pornographer in his tracks.
Barbara Hattemer‘s story shows how practical, community-based efforts to defend dignity can produce inspiring results. Barbara founded a Florida chapter of Morality In Media (NCOSE’s previous name) in Naples during the early 1980s. She worked to make sure a strict city ordinance was in place to prevent any sexually oriented businesses from setting up shop in Naples near homes and churches. Her valiant efforts paid off in 2013. It was that year that Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt announced he was opening a pornography super store in Naples. But before long, he discovered Barbara’s city ordinance and withdrew plans for the store.
For more than three decades Barbara has been a stalwart opponent of pornography and a champion for dignity. That’s why we have officially designated Barbara a 1st Waver because she is a hero in the historical movement to oppose all forms of sexual exploitation.


This feature is a part of the It’s Our Turn Campaign.

The “It’s Our Turn” campaign celebrates the rich history of men & women willing to defend human dignity. By telling their stories we hope to inspire the next generation of leaders willing to take a stand against sexual exploitation.

Now we must take up the torch, continue to movement, and stand together in the battle to defend dignity and combat all forms of sexual exploitation.


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