Rose Kalemba and Pornhub: How MindGeek Exploited the Sexual Assault of a 14-Year-Old

At the age of 14, Rose Kalemba was beaten, stabbed and raped while her attackers filmed the entire harrowing experience. The videos of her violent rape were then uploaded to Pornhub, one of the world’s largest pornography “tube” sites which is owned by MindGeek, where Rose’s assault was immortalized for the millions of viewers the videos had gathered.

Rose, still only a teenager, was subjected to harassment, bullying, and a never-ending fear that those around her had seen her abuse. She wondered if they had derived pleasure from watching her attack, with video titles like “teen getting destroyed” or “teen crying and getting slapped around.”

The videos remained live on Pornhub for over six months while 14-year-old Rose begged and pleaded with the company to take her rape down – repeatedly informing them that she was a minor and that the videos depicted child sexual abuse. No one answered her pleas until she impersonated a lawyer, threatening legal action if the videos were not taken down. It was only then that Pornhub deleted the videos, but the damage had already been done.

To this day, Rose has no way of knowing where all her videos have ended up or which strangers have seen the worst moments of her life.

Although Rose’s assault happened in 2009, she still hears stories of women and children with similar experiences, whose various abuses are filmed and uploaded to Pornhub without their consent. Taking the videos down is almost never an easy task.

Pornhub has profited off the rape, trafficking, and abuse of countless others like Rose. In fact, Pornhub/MindGeek’s entire business model is predicated on and built to profit from rampant sexual abuse and exploitation.

Pornhub is a multi-billion dollar enterprise, and they will not be going down without utilizing every resource they have.

We at the National Center on Sexual Exploitation are standing with Rose Kalemba—and all survivors—against Pornhub and sending the message that enough is enough. We cannot stand idly by while Pornhub blatantly and brazenly promotes and profits from the suffering of others.

Because of Rose’s brave decision to tell her story to the BBC – which helped lead the way in the international pressure against Pornhub and inspired more survivors to come forward and share their stories as they did in the New York Times article “The Children of Pornhub” – much headway has been made in tackling the foundations that have tried to hold websites like Pornhub above the law.

It is vital to recognize that these bad faith entities do not judge or verify age or consent in any videos on their sites. Pornhub itself does not require age verification for any person to upload pornographic videos, inherently making porn websites like Pornhub a target for sex traffickers, child abusers, and others sharing predatory non-consensual videos.

Pornhub claims they have safeguards in place to prevent child sexual abuse imagery from appearing on their website, but still that and all forms of sexually abusive material flourish on its platform. Even if Pornhub was in the business of preventing child sexual abuse from appearing on their website, it is clear they do not have any vested interest in protecting anyone, let alone children, from the harms of pornography and instead have fostered a culture of vicious voyeurism.

While we know we can never take away Rose’s pain or erase her experience, we hope that by standing up to Pornhub we can all help bring a measure of justice and peace for Rose and other survivors while we also further expose the true and horrific reality of Pornhub and its cohorts.

Support Rose Kalemba and other survivors by taking action now to help ensure that Pornhub is held accountable and made to face justice for its myriad crimes of abuse and exploitation:

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