The crime of child sexual abuse is sadly a familiar one to the American public. However, one category of child sexual abuse has largely escaped the public’s attention: child-on-child sexual abuse.

There is growing concern among parents, educators, and child safety experts regarding children who sexually abuse other children. Typically such scenarios involve older juveniles who use their age, physical strength, or positions of status or authority, to engage children who are younger or with developmental disabilities in sexual activity. Child-on-child sexual abuse also includes a wide range of other harmful sexual behaviors such as peeping, exhibitionism, exposure to pornography, sexual harassment (including cyber-based), fondling, etc., and may occur between young children.


To help equip parents, educators, school administrators, and policymakers to address the challenges posed by these harmful sexual behaviors, the National Center on Sexual Exploitation is hosting a Symposium on October 9, 2018, “Out of the Shadows: Confronting the Rise of Child-on-Child Harmful Sexual Behavior”

This symposium is being held in collaboration with the National Catholic School of Social Service at The Catholic University of America and Protect Young Minds.

This convening will bring together leading experts, victim advocates, and practitioners who will share research and policy recommendations for improving ways of addressing child-on-child sexual abuse when it occurs and for prevention. Please join us as we seek to bring this issue out of the shadows and into mainstream conversations about sexual violence prevention and child protection.


October 9, 2018 Symposium at the Catholic University of America

Out of the Shadows: Confronting the Rise of Child-on-Child Harmful Sexual Behavior

9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Catholic University
Pryzbyla Center, 3rd Floor
620 Michigan AVE NE
Washington DC 20064


The Facts About Child on Child Abuse

The crime of child sexual abuse is sadly a familiar one to the American public. Cases involving multiple victims, “celebrity perpetrators,” or perpetrators associated with positions of prestige and trust can foment intense media interest. Against this backdrop, another category of child sexual abuse has largely escaped the public’s attention: child-on-child sexual abuse.   We […]

Happy Father’s Day: Thank you Fathers!

Our culture often portrays dads as uninvolved and out-of-touch. But we are so grateful to see so many fathers standing up to protect and heal their families! We are regularly contacted by  fathers who are looking for ways to protect their children from being exposed to pornography, to help pick up the pieces in the […]

Did a California University Just Endorse Child-on-Child Sexual Abuse as “Perfectly Normal?”

The University of California, Santa Barbara appears to endorse child-on-child sexual abuse and childhood exposure to pornography through its online platform “SexInfo Online.” According to news reports, a section of this website titled “Childhood Sexuality” claimed that, “The majority of sexual play between children takes place between the ages of 4 and 7. Children might […]

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Getting to the root of child-on-child abuse

It has been estimated that one-third(1) to 66%(2) of all perpetrators of child sexual abuse are children themselves (i.e. persons 17-years-old or younger). Child-on-child sexual abuse (CCSA) frequently occurs at school (e.g. in bathrooms, locker rooms, bathrooms, and other places where children are left unsupervised). It also occurs with the family environment. Researchers are still […]

Child on Child Sexual Abuse: Why aren’t more people talking about this?

Everyone knows child abuse is a heinous crime. But what happens when the “abuser” is a child themselves?

The Youngest Children Often Suffer the Worst Sexual Abuse

A recent study by the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) demonstrates a shocking and devastating correlation between age and severity of sexual abuse endured by children and minors. In the images IWF analyzed between January 2014 and September 2017: 63 percent of child sexual abuse material showing children aged zero to two was category A (define), […]

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Podcast: How Is Adult Pornography Impacting Children?

Ep. 27 Dr. Sharon Cooper shared 3 ways adult porn is impacting children. Dr. Sharon Cooper is a developmental and forensic pediatrician who evaluates and treats children who have been victims of all forms of abuse, though her primary area of expertise is that of sexual exploitation. Dr. Cooper holds faculty positions at the University of […]

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A Survivor of Child-on-Child Sexual Abuse Shares Her Story

Personal testimony from a woman who submitted her experience of child-on-child sexual abuse to be shared. When I was young, about 4 yrs old, my oldest brother started molesting me. He was a child himself, at 8. We were often left alone while both parents worked and he became curious. I was too little to know anything. […]

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Use these awareness tools to educate others on these issues.


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