Victories Significant Policy Changes for Dirty Dozen Targets

Google changed its policy to prohibit pornographic ads and any ads that link to websites with sexually explicit content on them.

Verizon removed the child-themed and slavery-themed movie titles they were offering through their FIOS TV.

Comcast improved usability and tightened the parental control settings for cable users.

Facebook has taken steps to improve efforts to block and report child pornography on its site.

The Department of Defense stopped the sale of pornography in all Army and Air Force base exchanges. DOD also ordered a removal of all sexual materials in public and workspaces for all military branches.

GooglePlay instituted policies that prohibit pornographic apps in their app store after the first year on our list, though lax enforcement of this policy followed. After a second year on the list, GooglePlay removed all apps in violation.

American Apparel reevaluated and changed the organization’s leadership, advertising strategy, and brand identity purposely in order to avoid the sexual exploitation of women just to sell products.


Common Sense, anecdotal evidence, and scientific research all demonstrate that pornography is a harmful, mind-altering drug that is causing a public health crisis in America. Addiction, broken relationships, increased sexual violence, child sexual abuse, sex trafficking and prostitution, and more societal ills are now overwhelming our communities and families as a result. Despite the incontrovertible evidence of harm, many companies and organizations still choose to add to this pandemic in order to make a profit or push an agenda.

We will not let them get away with it any longer. Help us demand policy changes from these contributors to sexual exploitation!

Consequences of pornography include:

  • Violence against women, rape and other sex crimes are directly influenced by the acts and attitudes shown in pornography;
  • Children are bombarded with sexualized media and mindsets that greatly influence their sexual template, leading to compulsive porn use and social/sexual dysfunction;
  • Pornography greatly contributes to creating the demand for prostituted and sex trafficked women and children by influencing porn users to seek out specific acts with a real person and because of the growing demand for harder, more deviant pornography;
  • Adults, especially males, who regularly consume pornography can suffer from sexual and emotional dysfunctions, harming their intimate and social relationships;

The Laws

Federal law prohibits the distribution of obscene material (hardcore adult pornography) on the Internet, on cable/satellite TV, hotel/motel TV, in retail shops, through the US Mail, and by common carrier. Most state laws also prohibit the distribution of obscene pornography. Despite pornography’s destructive force and the illegality in the US, many mainstream companies are now involved in the distribution of the material. Learn more about laws here.


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Footage from the January 21, 2015 Press Conference to Announce the List