February 9, 2019

HOW-TO GUIDE: Turning on Google’s SafeSearch and Restricted Mode

Without a third-party filter or at least utilizing built-in search features like Google’s SafeSearch mode, kids searching innocently on the Internet to better understand the world around them, will be exposed to hardcore pornographic images.

A search of the term “sex” in Google Images yields hundreds of thousands of hardcore pornography images, depicting sex acts with a focus on the genitalia, within a fraction of a second. How many young kids do you think take to Google to understand that word better?

Google provides a built-in tool, that in our opinion, is pretty good at blocking out sexually explicit content. Of course, it is not perfect and cannot 100% prevent users from exposure to sexually explicit material on the Internet.







The National Center on Sexual Exploitation, with the help of allies and activists, is working to get Google to make other improvements to help create a safer environment for users and children online. Learn more about our efforts:

Find great resources for parents and educators on keeping kids safe online by visiting the NCOSE-led Safeguard Alliance.

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